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A Review: Woodenclocksnthings Ultra Fine Combs

I had been eyeing these combs for some time. I am not a fan of processing fine fleeces but woo I process some veggie filled fleeces. I remember seeing these combs and say whooo will sacrifice and try these, lol...well now I can raise my hand. I am not always a brand person per say but I have had some imitation products that simply did not cut it.

For example, I ordered a hackle and it arrived after first site inspection I returned it, it was just awful! With that said though I will never give up on independently handmade items. So let's dive into these combs!

I placed my order April 6th and received my combs April 30th. I considered doing an open box video than quickly realized it is not wise to hold my phone in one and try and open wool combs in the other! Safety first right. Needless to say they were packaged well and the seller set the correct shipping expectation. I currently own the valkyrie full size extra fine combs and I am totally satisfied as they do a really good job but who can't pass up seeing a description of extra fine combs! Not I! I recently purchased a challenging CVM fleece from Cactus Hill Farm and it was described as such. I totally support truth in fleece. I thought this will be the perfect fleece to try out the new combs.

Hand: The combs are really smooth to the touch. Not at all slick or slippery and at 9.8 ounces a comb they are light on the wrists. In comparison, my Valkyrie Full Size Extra Fines are 9.2 ounces a comb.

Pitch: These are 3 pitch and are a wee bit wider than the valkyries. to my absolute joy the combs have actual tines and not nails. The tines are all straight and do not have the slight curve that the valkyrie combs have. The tines are no loose and safely secure. They allow the fibers to lash on easily and slide off. As with all combs keep in mind not to overload your comb as that will make combing with any brand difficult.

There is no hole or comb holder available but I believe I can still clamp them down if need be. With that said I do believe you would be able to comb comfortably and ergonomically just remember to take breaks and stretch.