3-ply Fingering100% NewMerino™ Wool  

80 yards each

400 Approximate yards


3.5oz 2.5 - 4mm needles


New Merino sustainable wool is a round plump 3 ply that retains its elasticity and is feltable. New Merino™ Sustainable wool is not chemically treated its but sustainable, traceable, superfine Australian yarn. This yarn is made from Extrafine 19.5 Micron worsted spun fleece. 




What is New Merino™ Sustainable Wool?

• Provides credible provenance claims with full evidence

• Full traceability back to individual farmers

• Verification to documented Animal Welfare Standards

• Land management practices for long term sustainability

• Assisting brands to facilitate timely supply of verified wool

Forever Faithful-Sustainable Sock Merino

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  • Handwash for best results 

    Machine wash on wool/delicate setting. 

    Lay flat to dry.