This 100% Super Wash wool is Extra fine (19.5 micron) merino.    It feels soft and gentle against the skin. These yarns are worsted spun to produce a yarn that is fine and strong with a silky feel.  The superwash process adds a just a tad bit of luster.  

4 Ply

218 Yards 100 Grams

3.5 - 4.5mm (US 4 - 7) needles


What is Superwash Wool?

Wool that is chemically treated to remove the scales as not make the wool cling together and felt.  This makes it machine washable  without shrinking or felting because the process used to treat the wool flattens out the wool’s scales.  


Advantages of Superwash Wool

Superwash wool is a wonderful choice if you like natural fibers but are giving something as a gift and don't want to burden the recipient with a garment they have to handwash.  Superwash wools tend to feel a bit denser that non superwash wool.


Disadvantes of Superwash Wool

A chemial acid is used to alter the natural state of the yarn.

Superwash wool due to the removed scales has the ability to strech ibecause the scales help provide structure by allowing the yarn to stick to itself. When the scales are gone, there's nothing to hold the fiber to itself. 



Care Instructions
Although this wool is superwash I still encourage washing by hand or machine wash on wool setting or delicate  in cold water on a gentle cycle and line dry.


Please note all photos are taken without flash.  I do my best to represent the actual color of my items.  Monitors may vary. 


Red Nail Polish-XtraFine SW Merino-DK

  • Handwash for best results 


    Machine wash on wool.delicate setting.  Lay flat to dry.


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