ew Merino sustainable wool is a round plump 3 ply that retains is elasticity and is feltable. New Merino™ Sustainable wool is not chemically treated, sustainable, traceable, superfine Australian yarn. This yarn is made from Xtrafine 19.5 Microns, worsted spun fleece. 


181 yards/166m/100gm 4.5 - 5.5mm (US 7 - 9) needles


What is New Merino™ Sustainable Wool?

• Provides credible provenance claims with full evidence

• Full traceability back to individual farmers

• Verification to documented Animal Welfare Standards

• Land management practices for long term sustainability

• Assisting brands to facilitate timely supply of verified wool


What is mulesing?

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of the treatment of animals and the effects production systems can have on the environment if they are not responsibly managed.  New Merino™ yarn is made from non-mulesed sheep.  Mulesing is the process of Mulesing was developed in 1927 and for over 80 years it has been a routine surgical husbandry procedure for the maj