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Inglenook Fibers -12 Day Advent SAL

I was fortunate enough to win a lottery for the Inglenooks 12 Day Advent SAL 2019/2020. I have heard soo much about Inglenooks Fibers I squealed out loud!

Colorway and Ingredients:

Northern Lights

30% Bond Fleece

Superfine Merino

Organic Polwarth

Silk noil,


Bamboo, I chose no sparkle for this years

Each day is labeled, apart of me wants to open each one take a group pic and put them back!

I must resist! I will spin this on my sidekick as my support spindles are full and my shoulder needs a break!

Plan: SFD , spinning across the top, 2 ply on a single ply ball. I will spin all on one bobbin and separate using some which scrap fiber.

Day one is finished! What a smooth well-blended spin with zero fallout. Can't wait for tomorrow!


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