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Inglenook Fibers -12 Day Advent SAL Day 2

I confess I woke up at midnight and thought ohhh I should peak, lol. I held strong.....and opened this beauty this morning.

Here's a close up of the blend..I see ALL THE COLORS in here. This day seems to have a bit of more add in ingredients.

I did spin this slower and being sure to draft the noils as to not have a 4x glob then an invisible tripwire since twist travels to the thinnest part of your fiber. I am aware that this will be a textured yarn but I want textured and not a poorly spun yarn.

If you know me then you know I don't spin on my hooked flyer without cross lacing. Up close you really can see Day one and Day two. I do love all the little bits.

Here's day two..



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