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Make 9.... The 2019 Remix Edition

A different kind of #makenine ! Apparently the traditional make nine for me will take 9 years to make. Since I did not finish my make mine I will share the 9 fibery things I learned this year!

1. Spinning yarn with a higher silk content where the silk dominated the finished yarn.

2. Made #artyarn with the Ashford jumbo espinner. Learned solid techniques and mastering the wheel which is Irish tension.

3. Learned how to support spindle spin

4. Made a slubble crepe yarn

5. Spun a round 2 ply

6. Totally conquered beehives 🐝

7. Spun hand dyed gulf coast native

8. Spun a 4 ply yarn

9. Learned it was ok 😊 to spin a 2ply!

Did you have a make nine remix?


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