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Tweed or Bust!

The Quest for Tweed.....

Whew I have been busy with the holidays and shop prep...but there is always time to learn! I am making batts for an update and I wanted to spin a few samples to test what I am prepping.

There are so many myths I find and I have to see for myself sometimes. Tweed or first sampling is using sari silk. I have seen batts using carded sari silk and the yarn looked more variegated/speckled than tweed to me. That will be the first test...stay tuned.

Ingredients: carded multi color sari silk Wool: Polwarth Fleece Carded Roving from a mill. (It's Delicious) Wheel: Sidekick, Fast Whorl Sari Silk Carder: Mad Batt'r -3 passes Wheel: Sidekick, Fast Whorl

Polwarth is so floofy so the batt is super floofy....totally hair from the 80's, lol! it was a beautiful spin as you can imagine. I made a .5 ounce batt and split it in half as my plan was to spin woolen and spin worsted. Then I thought...woolen I may lose the sari silk due to more air being in the stay tuned.

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